Ok, so, we are part way in to the first quarter of 2020 and pioneer are expected to announce more releases of their industry standard tech.

We all know there is a battle between Denon and Pioneer and the next 3 months are expected to see some big announcements from the two power house companies.

As much as a pioneer fanboy I am, I hate to admit that Denon seem to be shaping the industry and reimagining what we thought was only pipe dreams. Until now!

Pioneer have just announced the launch of the DJM-V10. The V10 is the first new tech to drop from pioneer, but, is this for you?

These are designed to go in to clubs, tours and festivals ready and I personally don’t think these will be suited to the mobile DJ industry at this stage. This will be replacing the industry standard DJM-900 NXS2 range which can be seen in the top clubs, festivals and DJ tours, but will the DJM-V10 be much different from the DJM-900 NXS2 range besides from the extra channels?

In short, yes!
The pioneer DJM-V10 will have more processing power and I will go in to it a little more in-depth now.

Processing Power:
The DJM-V10 will be supercharged with a very powerful 32bit Sabre – 8 Channel DAC using the ESS processing chip and it’s core. Although the DJM-900NXS2 Has the 32bit DAC, The processing power of the V10 has has significant upgrades.

It will have a 4 band EQ – Hi, Hi Mid, Low Mid and Low! That’s one extra eq over the DJM-900NXS2!

The V10 has extraordinary HP and LP filters combined with Reasonance control which you don’t get on the DJM-900NSX2 or the DJM-2000NXS range. Another thing we haven’t seen on the other industry standard mixers is the bonus of having master isolated toggles so you can fully control and craft you sound exactly how you imagined! Now it’s worth noting that on the DJM-900NSX2 the LPF and HPF knob is set to 12 o’clock so you can go left for LPF or right of HPF. On the V10 it’s all the way to the left for absolute zero, set to 7 o’clock which I’d you have used the DJM-2000 you will already be familiar with this type of setup. Don’t forget to set you LPF or HPF option on the left hand side of the mixer as one of them must be selected for it to work.

Another thing we can see is an expanded send section on the mixer with 4 built in FX! Short delay – long delay – Dub Echo and reverb right at your fingertips! This will give you precise control of your sound and vibe. Select Effects allows you to increase the send amount unlike any other mixers! Adjust wet and dry mix to really transform your set and stand out, combine built-in FX with external stereo send FX. You also have a touch screen on the mixer so you can select your FX and then adjust the undertone or overtone of that effect. This screen can adjust many thing but this is giving you an example. If you have a moment when you try this mixer, have a look at the shimmer effect and use the screen to build atmosphere as it gives a beautiful effect and if used right build a beautiful atmosphere. Like the DJM-900 you still have the popular effects like Helix and now with a graph on the screen for you to adjust the effect giving you more control over your sound. Did you know you can quantise the effect too. On the settings section of the screen, if you go to page 10, you can set the perimeter of each and every sound effect to suit your personal choice and sound.

On each channel you will find a very powerful compressor which is located to the bottom right of the trim! This will give you extra control over your unmastered tracks, synths, drum machines and your vinyl. Twerk your sound to exactly how you want it to sound and add a new depth to your mix. This is amazing if you have old recordings from let’s say northern soul which can sound very flat, old and tinny, you can now make them sound close to CD quality or even bring them closely in line with today’s audio quality.

Another stand out point which is duel headphones monitoring, ideal if another DJ is taking over a set. You independent monitor controls which allows you to continue your set while the other DJ can beat match in with precision and choose between headphone link A & B. Although this is not new technology and has been on other DJM mixers, it’s nice to see it being introduced on the V10. The main cue (A) monitoring is mounted on the bottom left of the mixer and the second monitor (B) is located at the front right of the mixer. The monitor controls are separated from each other so you are not fighting across the mixer to get access to it.

Pioneer have really geared up the booth monitor section of their mixer by introducing a 3 band HQ. You will be able to create your perfect monitoring environment!

This is really sounding impressive so far! But it gets better! The audio boffins at pioneer have also geared up for new beat effects which will take your mix to the next level!

The V10 at the top left of the mixer hosts a duel USB / Midi to plug in to your computer via A/B options. Compatible with RB, Serato and we are waiting for confirmation from VDJ if they are currently compatible. If we know VDJ like we do, this will either be already compatible or will be very shortly.

Plug in to 4 photo channels via 1, 3, 4 & 6 which means more turntables can be connected than ever before while freeing up channels 2 and 5 for other devices or external CDJs via the line-in. Hey, if you wanted to you can send 3 sources to one channel, this is only available on CH1 & CH6!

On the built in screen you have 23 pages if settings, click the gear / cog icon on the mixer and you can customise nearly every aspect of the mixer.

Well, that is a quick look at the NEW DJM-V10 from Pioneer.

I could talk about this all day and think this will be a game changer for the industry and set the pace for their future releases from CDJ through to Controllers.

Finally the price! This comes in at £2,799GBP available at WhyBuyNew and subject to price change as this was grabbed an hour ago from their website.

Steve 😎

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